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Things To Look For When Buying Peanut Butter

Things To Look For When Buying Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a storehouse of nutrients such as niacin, folate, vitamin E among many others. High in fibre and proteins, it fuels body with energy, preparing one’s body for any exhausting physical activities. It is the kind of nut butter, which is popularly known for boosting metabolism and body immunity. Best to be consumed on a wintery morning, it shields from the chilly weather and its accompanying diseases. Peanut Butter is known for ditching saturated fats and trans fats in favour for its better version – monounsaturated and polyunsaturated varieties, which are known for regulating blood sugar levels in the body. It can be taken in a number of ways in the morning with toasts, buckwheat pancakes, oatmeal, coffee or smoothie for starting your day in a powerful way. It’s good in satiating sugar and hunger cravings because of its natural sweetness. It is also very filling because of the amount of nutrients it contains in just its single serving, which would usually include potassium, magnesium and whole lot of dietary fibre.

Here Are The 4 Major Things To Look Out For When Buying Peanut Butter:

1.Buy The Organic Variety

Always opt for all natural, organic, non-hydrogenated peanut butter. Peanut butter is made from the roasting and blanching the nuts and then grinding it create the final output with a smooth rich finish. But, along the way, there are certain practices that manufacturing agents indulges in which can be deceiving for the consumers that are not very well-informed. One thing to consider while buying peanut butter is to always reach out for all-natural and organic kind.

2. No Added Sugar

Manufactured peanut butter generally contains sugar to enhance its taste and make it delicious for the consumers who always tends to chose a more sugary version, consequently increasing their sales. Also, do not fall for the “natural variety” that contains added sugar of about 3-5 grams, which is equal to 1 teaspoon per 2 tablespoon serving. Only look for peanut butter that is completely devoid of sugar in any form, ranging from corn syrup, molasses to honey and stevia etc.

3.No Added Oils

The presence of hydrogenated oil in your peanut butter can be a source of trans fats, which are known to cause heart diseases, strokes and other high cholesterol-related illnesses. Most of the times, peanut butter contains emulsifiers to make it suitable for spreading. These can be in the form of added palm oil, which is harmful for one’s cardiac health. A healthy peanut butter variety should either contain no trace of above ingredients or have coconut oil instead as a substitute.

4.Less Ingredients

Remember the mantra- less the ingredients, the better it is. One must look out for peanut butter with the two or less ingredients, which should largely include the goodness of peanuts without any added preservatives in the form of excessive sugar or salt. Beware of packages with “reduced fats” because to compensate it, the peanut butter brands add starchy substitutes to it, which proves to be even more harmful than its former variety.

Lastly, Don’t forget to eat peanut butter in moderation because no matter how nutrient-rich it is, excess of everything is bad for health. It can even be fattening, if taken in large amounts every day. Being calorie-dense, the most prominent thing one must remember while eating peanut butter is moderating its serving to two tablespoon serving every day.

So, remember to eat well, live well and definitely buy well.


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