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Which Nut Milk Is Most Nutritious?

Milk plays a vital role in developing our bones and boosting our overall health. However, what’s interesting is the concept of nut milk that has gained momentum in the recent years.

Which Nut Milk Is Most Nutritious?

Milk plays a vital role in developing our bones and boosting our overall health. However, what’s interesting is the concept of nut milk that has gained momentum in the recent years. Nut milk can be made from almond, cashew nut, coconut, et al. This form of milk is generally consumed by vegans or people who are lactose tolerant. Since all nuts are nutritious, it becomes tough to make a choice when it comes to choosing one. Let us find out which nut milk is the most nutritious and healthiest.According to Macrobiotic Nutritionist and Health Coach Shilpa Arora, “Each nut is loaded with healthy fats like almonds are rich in vitamin E, magnesium, calcium, potassium, etc. Cashews have similar fats as olive oil that are heart healthy. They also relax the nerves, help induce sleep and calm the body. Cashew milk is great for diabetics and for people who are lactose tolerant. Coconut milk is a great option for people with milk allergies and it is abundant in mono-lauric acid that is found in mother’s milk. Lauric acid also heals the gut and nourishes each cell in the body. Variety is the key for good health and each food provides tremendous amount of benefits, so I would suggest including all sorts of nut milk in your diet.”

Every nut has a different nutrient value to offer; let us look at how healthy they are.
1. Soy milk
One of the most popular of all nut milks, soy milk is derived from soybean and is packed with protein. It makes for a great alternative to cow or buffalo milk, especially in cereals and coffee. It has a neutral flavour.
2. Coconut milk
Coconut milk is said to be the richest and creamiest of all non-dairy products. It is high in saturated fats which improve your cholesterol levels and blood pressure along with keeping your heart healthy. It may be high in calories, but a small serving of coconut milk cannot be harmful.
3. Almond milk
This unsweetened nut milk is a great option if you are trying to cut down on calories. Almonds contain high amounts of calcium, protein and vitamin E that help boost your overall health; don’t miss the nutty flavour it offers.
4. Cashew milk
Cashews are full of vitamins and minerals like magnesium and vitamin K that help in improving your immunity. It also has iron that helps in carrying oxygen in the red blood cells. It may not have the same calcium content as cow’s milk, but it is surely a healthy alternative if you are lactose intolerant.
Every nut milk has a different nutritional value, which means there’s no one winner. All of them have their own qualities that make them unique and of course, tasty. If you choose consume nut milk, make sure you are accompanying it with a nutrient dense diet too in order to fulfill all your nutritional requirements.

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