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Power Through the Cold With Peanuts and Winter Vegetables

Power Through the Cold With Peanuts and Winter Vegetables
The Winter Solstice has officially arrived, which means shorter days of warming sunlight. Time to turn to the kitchen and cook up some foods to warm you from the inside out. Hearty winter vegetables are warming and wholesome, but try adding in the power of plant-based protein from peanuts to help keep you feeling warm and full through the longer winter nights. Here are some belly-warming recipes with peanuts and winter vegetables to help you take the chill off:
Peanut Butter and Brussels Sprouts: One of my favorite winter vegetables, Brussels sprouts are especially fresh this time of year, and are sometimes sold on the stalk. This recipe adds a sweet and salty peanut butter sauce to the sprouts, giving them an air of sophistication that’s a step above beurre blanc.
Kohlrabi Peanut Stir Fry: A member of the cabbage family, kohlrabi is often used in coleslaw. But this vegetarian recipe calls for kohlrabi stir fry with peanut butter and peanuts. Follow this recipe for warm kohlrabi during the winter months, and when spring returns use this recipe for charred corn slaw with peanut butter lime dressing. Kohlrabi is a perfect substitute for cabbage, and you might even find them in purple and green varieties.
Parsnip and Peanut Butter Soup: Our friends at Peanut Butter & Co. shared this soup recipe on their blog. Parsnips are a wonderful root vegetable with a distinct flavor that is almost a cross between carrots and turnips. They can be roasted, fried, or easily made into a creamy puree. This recipe stirs in apples and creamy peanut butter for a hint of sweetness, and a thick consistency to fill you up with warmth.
 Sweet-Potato and Peanut Soup: Sweet potatoes and soup are seasonally appropriate for the winter months. This West African recipe brings together peanuts and sweet potatoes in a hearty and filling soup that adds warmth in the form of jalapenos. Try making it with vegetable stock for a vegan dish.
Try these warming winter vegetable dishes with peanuts to power you through the cold this winter. And when you are done with dinner and warming by the fire place, try sipping on a peanut butter hot cocoa for an added layer of warmth.

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