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A fresh peanut butter machine will be installed at Bodlon’s new Cardiff shop

Bodlan is opening another venue in Cardiff – and one of its offerings will be a fresh peanut butter machine.

The company is best known for its coffee shop in Whitchurch and its gift shop in the Old Library in the city centre.

Its latest venture will open in mid June on Whitchurch Road in the former premises of sports shop Cardiffgear.

It’s a long held ambition to move to the suburb for co-owner Colin Gray and his partner Nia Evans.

And they say the latest Bodlon will be a new approach for them.

The new premises will be a combination of a deli and cafe with a wholefoods market all with a Welsh emphasis.

There will be hot and cold food for sale with homemade smoothies, juices and sandwiches to takeaway.

There will also be a salad counter and people will be able to pay by weight and pre-order by an app.

Colin said there will be plenty of vegetarian and vegan options on offer. One special item will be a peanut butter machine.

Shipped in from America, the retro machine it has a hopper on the top and fresh nuts are put in creating fresh peanut butter. The flavours can also be changed to almond or cashew as they fancy.

They had seen the idea in the United States and in Whole Food Markets in London and decided to bring it to their next shop.

“A lot of the thinking behind the new premises is to do with plastic and food waste.

“We’re trying to reduce the amount of plastic,” said Colin, saying there will be compostable packaging.

“People will also be able to bring their own containers for the salad bar and hot food and for the peanut butter,” said Colin.

They hope to work with the neighbouring allotment to offer fresh and locally grown products for sale.

Unlike their other outlets, the only gifts on sale will be food gifts.

Mr Gray said that Whitchurch Road was somewhere they wanted to move.

“Whitchurch Road is starting to regenerate a little. There’s a lot going on and it’s a big campaign but the area is up and coming and starting to pull itself away from the doldrums of takeaway city.

“There’s places like Cocorico there and we are hoping that the demographic will suit the kind of offer that we’re going to put together.

“We have built the Bodlon brand up. This is going to be a different offer not just what we currently offer but what on the street already”.


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