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6 Gifts for People Whose Spirit Animal is Peanut Butter

6 Gifts for People Whose Spirit Animal is Peanut Butter

Let’s talk about it. We all know them. The peanut obsessives in our lives who plow through a bag of peanuts at the ballpark before the second inning. The ones who don’t even bother with bread or an apple and just get their peanut butter fix with a jar and a spoon. And those who keep peanuts or peanut butter in their gym bag, car, or desk as an emergency ration – except every day is an emergency. (Ok, you can count us among that last group).

While it might seem obvious that they’ll appreciate a gift of peanuts or peanut butter, why not give them something that fits their niche but adds a wonderful twist? Here’s a holiday gift guide filled with new and unique peanut products that are bound to please the peanut lover in your life by contributing to their obsession, and letting them show their peanut pride.

Peanut Butter Hand Mixer – For those who enjoy natural peanut butters that tend to separate, this handy stir attached to a jar lid is an easy, mess-free solution to mixing those natural oils back into the peanut butter.

Elliot’s Adult Nut Butter – The “spooners” in your life – those who spoon peanut butter directly from the jar to their mouth – will love these gourmet peanut butters in flavors meant for a mature palate. Spicy Thai, Garam Masala, Honey Chiptole, and Espresso Nib flavored peanut butters will add a culinary kick to their otherwise conventional spooning routine.

Green Peanut Oil – In addition to gourmet peanut butters, this new cold-pressed green peanut oil is the ultimate artisan gift for a peanut-loving culinarian. With a subtle sweetness and an unmistakable peanut flavor, this oil is perfect for dressings, sautéing, and stir-fries. Also, check out the infused peanut oil with cinnamon and spice.

Homemade Spiced Peanuts – If you truly want to make an impression while fulfilling an obsession, try making these spiced peanuts for a flavor-adventure that any peanut lover would appreciate. Put it in a custom container and send a season’s greetings with spiced nuts.

Custom Peanut Butter Spoon – The recepient of this gift will look at you the same way they look at their peanut butter: lovingly.

Peanut Butter Apparel – Finally, check out this trove of peanut apparel and tchotchkes. From t-shirts and keychains, to jewelry and pillows, this collection on Etsy has everything for the peanut obsessed to show their pride. Also check out options on other sites, like this shirt for gym junkies, and this one for fur-friends who are also addicted to peanut butter.

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