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How to Make Red Date Peanut Butter


Red Date Flavor Peanut Butter Process Flow

Screening → Cleaning → Roasting→ Peeling → Sorting and Picking → Rough Grinding → Ingredients → Fine Grinding → Canning → Exhaust → Canning → Sterilization → Cooling → Standing and Curing → Finished Products

1. Peanut and Dates Screening

Choose bright red dates, choose full and mature peanut kernels, and select and remove the worms, impurities, moldy and immature particles.

2. Peanut and Dates Cleaning

Because peanuts are susceptible to aflatoxin, screening and cleaning are all designed to effectively reduce the aflatoxin content in raw peanuts and ensure that the red date peanut butter reaches the hygienic index. The method is to wash with tap water 2 to 3 times. This elutriation can detoxify more than 80%; red dates are mostly dry. The main purpose of cleaning is to make them fuller and easier to grind.

3. Peanut Roasting and Peeling

Disperse the washed peanuts in peanut roasting machine, and remove red skin after roasted. When the temperature of the peanut drops below room temperature, it will be peeled. Generally, all the red skin of the peanut must be removed. Otherwise, once the red peanut is brought into the sauce, it will make the red date peanut butter appear obvious color. It also has bitter and astringent taste, which affects the quality and hygiene indicators such as the taste and appearance of red date peanut butter.

4. Peanut Coarse Grinding

Most of the peanut kernels are less than 10mm in diameter, and the cell size is mostly around 40μm. The smooth and stable red date peanut butter must be processed by peanut peeling machine to have a fine texture without coarse grains, and it must be processed to a fineness of less than The standard of 40 μm, the test shows that this standard is the most suitable. At the same time, during grinding and processing, peanut kernels must be processed from large particles with a diameter of about 10 mm to small particles below 40 μm. If a single grinding process is used, the degree of grinding must be changed. It becomes very large, and the grinding time becomes very long, resulting in a very high grinding temperature, which in turn results in the thermal polymerization and thermal oxidation of proteins and fats, which destroys the nutritional ingredients, antioxidant ingredients, color and taste of peanuts. Makes the quality drop. In order to solve this grinding problem, the general method is to use a progressive and multiple low-temperature grinding method, which can effectively shorten the residence time of the raw materials during the grinding process and reduce the temperature when grinding the materials. Improve product quality. The coarse grinding method is to quickly feed peanut kernels with a diameter of about 10 mm to the coarse grinding cavity through its own feeder, and at a certain low temperature state, the peanut kernels are ground to the required particle size.

5. Peanut Red Date Ingredients Adding

Dissolve the ingredients such as red date puree, salt, white sugar, emulsifier, etc. with oil and add it to the coarsely grated sauce (the stabilizer can be added with a little vegetable oil to heat the electric furnace to dissolve).

6. Peanut Butter Fine Grinding

This process required a high quality peanut butter machine for production, high production efficiency is required under the premise of ensuring the quality of the product, so multiple grinding during the processing is not allowed. Tests show that secondary grinding-coarse grinding, Fine grinding is best. After preparing the flavoring agent and stabilizer according to the ratio through the prepared device, it will be sent to the refiner. At a low temperature, the material will be processed by fine grinding to make the sauce to the fineness required by the test. Various materials can be homogenized and mixed more fully when fine grinding, so that the whole sauce is consistent and uniform, forming a semi-fluid, delicate and smooth sauce.

7. Degassing

Use a water bath heating method for degassing after filling. The temperature of the center of the sauce must be above 85 ° C during degassing.

8. Sterilization

After sealing the jar, use an atmospheric water bath at 100 ° C for 30min, and perform sterilization treatment.

9. Resting and Maturing

The maturing is to leave the packaged product for about 48 hours. The purpose is to completely stabilize and shape part of the network structure in the emulsified colloid of jujube and peanut butter. So during this period, any mechanical and physical effect will destroy the stability and hardness of the sauce. Therefore, any movement of the product must be avoided during the curing process.

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