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Different Type Peanut Harvester Machine Introduction

1. Peanut Combine Harvester


The peanut combine harvester can complete the operations such as excavation or extraction of peanuts, separation of soil, as well as fruit picking and cleaning. There are two types of excavation and extraction. The former uses a triangular digging shovel to scoop up peanuts and soil, and after a large amount of soil is separated by the dividing wheel, it is then sent to the fruit picking device through a conveying device. The latter is used for the harvest of overgrown peanuts on sandy land. It consists of a pair of ring-shaped clamping and conveying tapes in each row to clamp the peanut stalks, pull them together with the peanuts, and feed them into the fruit picking device through the conveying device. The devices for fruit picking and cleaning are basically the same. The fruit picking device uses two or more tandem spring tooth rollers and concave plates. The spring teeth on the drum comb the peanut pods and extend into the slot of the concave plate to reduce the speed of the peanut stalk. The cleaning device is similar to similar devices on the peanut picker. Some models also have a row of rotating serrated disc stalk cutters to remove the stalks from peanut pods.

2. Peanut Harvesting Machine


A peanut harvester is a machine that digs up the peanuts and removes the dirt and collects them into the fruit box. During the operation, the shovel scooped up the peanuts together with the soil. Under the action of the throwing wheel and the transfer wheel, the soil block was broken and a part was leaked. Then, it was continuously thrown by the fingers of the 3 dividing wheels. Fine soil blocks and crushed soil particles are discharged through the arc-shaped rod sieve. Peanut pods and a small amount of fine roots and fine soil are thrown to the swinging screening sieve. Fine soil is discharged through the sieve holes. Peanut fruits slide in through the sieve Inside the fruit box. This harvester is suitable for sandy loam soil with a moisture content of 10% to 18%. Another kind of vine peanut harvester is used to harvest straight vine peanuts. Its digging shovel digs the peanuts with the soil, and rises to the lifting chain, loosens and leaks some soil blocks, and then sends them to the front and rear dividing wheels and arc rod screens. After several tossing, most of the soil pieces were broken and separated, and the peanuts with vines were sent to the horizontal conveyor chain and spread on the harvested field.

3. Peanut digging shovel


The peanut digging shovel is mostly a tractor-mounted or animal-powered double-wing shovel or two symmetrical single-wing shovel. During operation, the main root with a burial depth of about 10 cm is cut off, and the peanuts are raised along the shovel surface and laid into strips. The back of the shovel is welded with longitudinally arranged grids to allow the soil to leak out. The paved peanuts are collected manually or picked up by machinery and then the pods are picked.

4. Peanut fruit picking machine


The peanut picker is used to pick peanut pods from vines and roots. In China, there are two types used according to the characteristics of different regions and varieties. One is a nail-toothed roller and concave plate type, similar to the nail-toothed roller threshing device (see grain combine harvester), except that the gap between the concave plates of the roller is large and the speed of the roller is low. The removed peanuts pass through the screen of the concave plate. After leaking, the fan will clear the sundries and then fall into the fruit box. It is suitable for dried peanuts with vines in the north. The other is to make the peanuts fall through the gap between two relatively rotating nail rollers. The removed pods fall on the vibrating screen. After the debris is removed by the fan airflow, the peanuts are dropped into the fruit box. It is suitable for southern clustered peanuts. .

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