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Peanut Picking Machine

Automatic Peanut Picking Machine for Sale

Automatic Peanut Picking Machine is used to pick up the peanut fruit after harvest, it can be operated in the field with mobility. The picking process is complete with low breakin ...
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Automatic Peanut Picking Machine is used to pick up the peanut fruit after harvest, it can be operated in the field with mobility. The picking process is complete with low breaking rate of the peanut shell, less loss. Both the wet and dry stalk can use the machine, it has high work efficiency and clean threshing. Peanut picking machine is used to getting the peanut from the leaf or the peanut vines. This machine can pick peanut from the ground with low breakage and high efficient.


Working principle of Peanut Picking Machine

Put in harvested peanut (which carried with the peanut fruit) into the peanut picking machine to carry out one time of separation. The peanut fruit and peanut vine are separated automatically through the rotating of the machine. The separated peanuts are fallen onto the vibration sifter and conveyed to the other side of the machine. The mixed leaves and rank grass are blown to the other side by the fan, and the remained peanut vine is discharged out from the outlet. During the process, the breaking rate of peanut is lower than 1%. The processed peanut vine are clean and tidy without any peanut vine. The leaves and branches have 1% or below 1% of the breaking rate. The total set of equipment is easy to operate, convenient, shortcut with less breaking rate. The peanut picker reduces the labor force of farmers, and it not only saves the labor but also has high working efficiency.

Advantage Feature of Peanut Picking Machine

  1. Wet & dry peanut picking machine can separate the peanut from peanut stem.
  2. .Machine can be matched with diesel engine, tractor or elector motor. The electric motor or diesel engine drive the machine through feeding or automatic feeding into picking fruit entrance system.
  3. This machine not damage peanuts.
  4. The machine will be very convenient for moving with the wheel.
  5. The peanut will be separated from the stem by the striking of the roller selected pole. Fruit and sundry by gravure hole whereabouts on the vibrating screen, stem is being exhausted from port discharge.

Specification of Peanut Picking Machine

  • Capacity: 2000kg/h
  • Weight: 520kg
  • Dimension: 3390*2250*1540mm

Working Video of Peanut Picking Machine

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Romiter Machinery Co., Ltd. is a market-leading manufacturer of Peanut Processing Machine with 10 years experience. Our factory is a company, located at Middle China. Romiter has an excellent technical support team, including highly experienced machinists and service technicians. All our machines is equipped with reliable brand components. This enables us to provide our customers with continuous high-quality Peanut processing machines at competitive prices.

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