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Peanut Frying Machine

Manual Type Peanut Frying Machine for Sale

 Manual Type Peanut Frying Machine is widely used in fried dried fruit nuts, puffed food, meat product,etc, such as rice crisp, sweet sticky rice strips, peanut, beans, and ...
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Manual Type Peanut Frying Machine is widely used in fried dried fruit nuts, puffed food, meat product,etc, such as rice crisp, sweet sticky rice strips, peanut, beans, and fried cake with sugar, squid, fried chicken, and so on, an ideal equipment to produce fried food. There are single container fryer, double container fryer and three container fryer three types and different sizes in each type.  This frying machine adopts principle of water-oil separator, the oil is above, the water is below which can keep the oil clean and continuous to use. The stainless steel sieve with plastic handle can be folded and hung on the controlling plate conveniently.

Manual Discharge Type Peanut Frying Machine with Three Container

Manual Discharge Single Container Peanut Frying Machine

Advantage Features of Manual Peanut Frying Machine

  1. Standard 304 stainless steel, easy to operate and maintenance.
  2. Cast aluminum alloy lid is strong but light for easy handling.
  3. Raised edge on deck reduces spills.
  4. Channel under lid helps direct condensation away from pot when lid is open.
  5. heavy duty casters, 2 locking.

Specification of Manual Discharge Peanut Frying Machine

ModelDimensionWeightHeating typePowerCapacity


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Romiter Machinery Co., Ltd. is a market leading manufacturer of Peanut Processing Machine with 10 years experience. Our factory is company, located at Middle China. Romiter has an excellent technical support team, including highly experienced machinists and service technicians. All our machines is equipped with reliable brand components. This enables us to provide our customers with continuous high quality Peanut processing machine at competitive prices.

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